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Please tell me there is a solution to this? Or at the very least, that it's not forever...

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basketofironing Fri 04-Nov-16 09:18:11

I'm approaching the end of my sanity. Seriously.

DD is 7 months old and since the so called 4 month sleep regression, she has lost the plot when it's come to sleep.

An average day looks like this:
3 am - wake up screaming. Sometimes has 5oz milk, sometimes happy with water, sometimes self soothes within the 2 minutes it takes for me to wake up enough to move.

5 am - up again, will probably have another 4oz of milk then will sleep in bed with me (OH gets up for work at this time so DD finds it difficult to settle in her cot due to noise from downstairs)

7am - up for the day. Breakfast at 7:30, get dressed, have a play.

Ready for a nap at around 8:30/9am but will often fight it for half an hour. Only able to nap in my arms (screams the house down in her cot/anywhere else)

Then the rest of the day is up to chance but usually wants a nap at around 11 and then again about an hour or two after her lunch at maybe 2/2:30pm.

That's it until 4pm dinner, 5pm bath then bed at around 5:30. She struggles to last any longer than that without getting over tired.

She usually goes down to sleep very easily, no crying or fighting it and will sleep soundly until around midnight/1am when she becomes quite restless but self soothes most of the time. Some nights she will be awake from 1:30 just cooing and singing until about half two when she starts whinging for attention.

She only naps for half an hour at a time, unless I drive her around, but even then she wakes as soon as I have to stop at a light etc.

We have had one night in the past month where she slept through and we thought we had cracked it but nope, she's been worse at sleeping since. But it's frustrating because we now know she can do it and doesn't need milk through the night.

Wow, super long post. Congratulations if you made it this far!

Does anyone have suggestions as to what I can do? Or just tell me that it will get better? I'm so tired!

ImSoVeryTired Fri 04-Nov-16 10:03:06

No solutions I'm afraid but you have my sympathy. I posted something similar about my 8mth old last night (with more swearing as I was majorly pissed off), under 'battle of wills lost'.
It just took me 1/2 hour to get baby to sleep and he's napping on my shoulder. He woke once but I got him back off again so hopefully he will sleep for an hour in total. He also used to only nap for half an hour 3-4 times a day. He now does 2 naps of an hour each. He could probably do with an extra half hour in the afternoon but he resists it.
Anyway, I just wanted to say, I feel your pain/frustration and hope someone else has some good ideas for you. Will be watching with interest in the hope said ideas might help me too. cakeflowers

Clickclickclick Fri 04-Nov-16 10:04:51

It does get better. Some day she'll sleep and you'll forget how shit it is. It's horrible going through it though. (Both my kids were AWFUL sleepers)

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Fri 04-Nov-16 10:21:25

It will pass, but i think you do need to try some strategies to get her into a better routine if you can.

I'm no expert at all and dc1 was a terrible sleeper (dc2 much better, thankfully!)

Some random ideas that might help:
- can you put a comfy chair in her room so that when she's napping in your arms you can sit in her room with her? So she gets used to napping in her room and eventually you might be able to leave her in there for daytime naps.

- do you have a 'reactive' lights/music thing? I used to have a lovely Winnie the Pooh light projector/music box that hung in the cot and came on when the baby made a noise or touched it. It was invaluable for self-soothing.

- do you have blackout blinds in her room? Great for daytime naps/early bedtimes, and if you sit in there with her at nap time, it will help your DD to distinguish between sleeping time and waking time.

I think you need to try to merge some of the daytime naps, so just one shortish one in the morning and one longer one in afternoon and then a later bedtime. I KNOW this won't be easy, but I think you need to aim for it, so I would hope that some of the above might help with that?

I know its controversial on MN but I followed Gina Ford schedule with dc1 and it helped enormously because it meant we got to a 7pm bedtime and we got some sanity back!

Best of luck! It will pass, and you're amazing mum flowers

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