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10 year old won't sleep in her room

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Gio Wed 02-Nov-16 21:29:18

Haven't posted on Mumsnet before and aware that for many parents, sleep in an issue affecting the early years BUT my 10-year-old daughter hasn't slept in her own bed for 2-3 months now. It started when she accidentally wanted Stranger Things on Netflix (I know, good parenting right) and won't even sleep on a mattress on our floor.
We've been pretty slack at trying to sort this; my hub sleeps upstairs in spare room but it's driving me mad (she wriggles) and is becoming entrenched behaviour now, she won't even entertain her own bed as an idea. She tends to cry and moan dramatically when we try and put her into her own bed/room and on the occasions she does start off sleeping in her own bed, she wakes up with a bad dream, weeping and we just let her come in.
She always slept fine(ish) as a baby - although from 2-3 years has had night terrors and periodically still does. She was in with her brother for years until about two years ago where she started off fine in her own little room but it got bumpy about a year ago. Any suggestions/advice for how to deal with an older child who won't sleep in their own bed....?
Thanks Gio

FATEdestiny Wed 02-Nov-16 22:12:23

I don't know what Stranger Things is but I assume it's a horror and she's having nightmares about it? I had similar terrors when I watched about half an hour of Freddy Crugar as a young teenager. I learnt from my mistake though and grew up to never watch horrors again.

So with your daughter - could you let her sleep with the light on? Or a lamp on?

Talk to her about practical solutions. For me that is how to block out if of my mind scary thoyghts or images. To acknowledge that my mind was wandering into horrible thoughts and so to simply stop thinking about it. Give her things she could think about instead to distract her thoughts. I do things like
- foods beginning with C
- name an animal for every letter of the alphabet
- words which contain the word "room"
- name every colour you can think of
- What would you do if you were given £1million
- What would you name your children if you had six boys/girls

These are mundane easy to think of ways of distracting the mind from horrible thoughts.

eddiemairswife Wed 02-Nov-16 22:20:15

Could you try a low voltage lamp in her room , or have the landing light on with the door ajar. I was like this until I was about 14 years old. I still don't completely pull the curtains, so there is a chink of light; and I don't close the bedroom door.

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