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Tired mums!

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Aristacat1 Wed 02-Nov-16 06:02:51

Today after the 3rd night (clocks fault) of my daughter waking at 4.50 and then crying for milk at 5.15 to have it in the hope she might sleep later and still kept crying when left I have lost it! My husband is great and has taken her today but i work 3 days a week and am not home till 630. Lo goes to bed at 630 but has been so tired oh has been putting her to bed at 610-615 as she has tired tantrums. I am nanny and have 9-3 of as they go to school.She sleeps 9-11 but afternoon nap is very short in car or nothing. My husband then picks her up from where i work for tea and bed. I feel totally out of control as I want to put her to bed later but oh says shes really tired. These early mornings followeed by being a nanny is giving me stress head aches as I worry lo is having a stressful end of day. Anyone in similiar situation. Lo is near 13 months. Thanks xx

FATEdestiny Wed 02-Nov-16 22:34:19

Who is doing the afternoon nap with her? That's where your focus needs to be. A longer afternoon nap would enable a later bedtime and so a later morning.

I would try to aim for 9-11am and 2-4pm cot naps. If she is absolutely refusing an afternoon nap then the other option would be to keep her active in ge morning and delay the morning nap for as long as possible. The hope being that in time she drops the morning nap and just has an afternoon nap only.

Aristacat1 Thu 03-Nov-16 06:50:18

Thanks for your reply fate. This is the problem I am having. She is either coming on school run with me then at the kids house of shes with Grandparents. She might sleep for half an hour in the car to work or half an hour so in buggy if woth grandparents ( they wana go out so will do morn or anoon nap at home) last night she weidly woke up crying at 1 and we couldnt settle any other way than a little bit of milk. Today she woke at about 6 but happierly chatted till 630 when I got her up. But then she was kinda awakeish in night which is very rare. She has a cold atm ao dunno of that woke her. Yesterday morn she napped 9-20-12! So then didnt fall asleep in car on way to work and went to bed at about 6.40 without much fuss. You suggest 4 hours of naps a day I dunno if she would sleep that long in anoon with morning nap and if we go to a friends or somethong distacting morn she lasts till 11ish without geting grouchy. But will fall asleep in car from 9 onwards so when i drop kids of when I get home if shes asleep I put her in the cot. Sorry bout rambling haha x

FATEdestiny Thu 03-Nov-16 11:59:08

She is either coming on school run with me then at the kids house of shes with Grandparents. She might sleep for half an hour in the car to work or half an hour so in buggy if woth grandparents ( they wana go out so will do morn or anoon nap at home)

Sorry I don't understand what this means.

Can she sleep before the school run, say 1pm-3pm at home with you or grandparents?

Aristacat1 Fri 04-Nov-16 10:03:57

Sorry fate smile I mean I leave for work at 2.30 and then if she is with me I get her out of the car at 3 to go pick up the children i look after. If she doesnt sleep in that half an hour ( 230-3) then she wont sleep that anoon. If with grandparents they wana do things so wouldnt want to sit in with her to nap for 2 hours im am and pm.So if shes had am nap then she will have one in buggy. Its difficult to get a routine in. Do all ur children have nap routines? What if ur out etc...

FATEdestiny Fri 04-Nov-16 12:58:59

If the grandparents are looking after her then they need to maintain her naptime as her normal routine. They cant realistically just throw all need for her to have a sleep routine out of the window. I would insist they do cot naps. Or find alternate childcare.

If she's with you, given her age id start
dropping the morning nap. Then work her afternoon nap to fit with your day.

To allow for consistency, regardless of if she is with you or grandparents I would aim for:

11.00am - early lunch
11.30am - 2.30pm nap time in the cot
2.30pm - snack in the car

FATEdestiny Fri 04-Nov-16 13:06:52

Do all ur children have nap routines?

Well my eldest 3 children don't need naps anymore. But yes by around a year old until around 4 years old their daytime were structured around naptime.

My youngest (2 years old) still naps. She's always had to fit her naps around the family routine. Most significantly the school run, which is a fixed time so I have to make sure naps for around it.

This was my main reason for developing 9-11 and 1-3 two-nap days. Ideally she would have been better sleeping 8-10am when younger and as she got older a 2-4pm suited her better. But neither of these fit with the school runs so simply couldn't happen.

Now she's on 1-nap days, she has to wake by 3pm for the school run. That's not negotiable. So she has to nap 12-3 in order to get her 3 hours sleep, even though she'dshe's probably be better for a 1-4 nap.

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