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Those with early wakes, what are your plans for the clock change?!

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Nottalotta Fri 28-Oct-16 18:54:27

Ds is 15 months and fully awake between 5.15 and 5.45 pretty much every day. He is generally only having one nap each day, and is awake by lunch so tired by 6. He's asleep before 7 most nights.

I really don't want to be up at 4.15am!!!

I'm thinking that instead of trying to stretch the wake up out til 6.30 (by giving him milk, laying in bed together playing etc) that tomorrow we will get up quite promptly, and try really hard for two naps so he isn't ready for bed quite so early. Maybe some tiring activity. Possibly shopping in the late afternoon.

And an early night for me just in case.

I've been at work the latter part of this week so not been able to do things quite as I'd have liked in the lead up. I'm probably overthinking it.

Tumtitum Fri 28-Oct-16 20:08:59

We're doing similar to you, she will wake early on Sunday so just gonna go wth it and stick in three naps then put her to bed at her usual bedtime but on the new time if that makes sense??

Aristacat1 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:46:25

I have an early rising 1 year old normally between 5 and 530.Sometimes dozes bk off till 6. She generally naps 3 hours after waking up and then another nap.sometime in anoon. This week has been all iver the shop. Today she was with grandma and only had 1 hour this morning. I am geniunely scared she is going to wake at 4 for ever even though my oh is saying she will get used to it and adjust. It hasnt even happened yet haha. She goes to bed at 630 so dunno if she will settle at 5.30 tomoz. I dunno. I am sure i am also overthinking it smile

Nottalotta Sat 29-Oct-16 08:49:41

Well we had a pretty shitty night, ds awaiting to be permanently attached to my nipple from 2.30 onwards. I really had had enough by 4 and then all hell broke loose when I refused to carry on. Gave cup of milk at 5. Back to sleep by half 5 and woke at 7.30.

After that waffle whati mean is hopefully we'll get a later bedtime tonight and a later wake up tomorrow.

InsaneDame Sat 29-Oct-16 10:51:46

My 2 year old slept until 8.15 this morning so we have changed the clocks a day early!

twoundertwox Sat 29-Oct-16 11:01:06

Mine are going to the GP grin

Nottalotta Sat 29-Oct-16 19:20:23

Good planning twoundertwo!!

My day has not gone to plan AT ALL surprisesurfuckingprise

Ds tired before 11, walked in pram for 40 minutes. No sleep. Came home, snack, into cot with lightshow. Nearly fell asleep about ten times but kept rousing himself. Gave up after an hour. He was shattered. Gave lunch, had to go shopping, fell asleep in car for an hour. Have managed to stretch the afternoon out so he's been asleep for 5 minutes now, whereas he's been asleep by 6.30 - 6.45 most nights this week. Would have preferred a bit later but hey ho.

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