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430 wake up pls help

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Sun1983 Fri 28-Oct-16 09:40:11

Hi so little boy is nearly 9month. His bed time routine is good. ATM it starts at 6.30 bathed and all routine in dim light in his room bottle and put down semi awake or sometimes asleep, in his own room, I maybe get up once or twice to pop dummy in but he usually settles himself. I can cope with during the night. But he is Wide awake at 4.30am babbling away looking around leg banging messing with his dummy and blanky. Waiting for me to go in. I leave him as long as my eyes will stay open hoping he will drift back off. But at that time of day I give in and take him in our bed where I can get another hour n half out of him but he's not the comfiest.

His routine is
5-6.30 first bottle
8.00 breakfast
8.30-9.00 nap for 1.5 hours
12.00ish dinner (he's recently dropped his late morning bottle)
230-300- nap for 1.5-2 hours.
5.00-515 tea
630 bath
655 bottle and bed
430 Awake!

This is if we're at home part or all of the day. Other wise He'l have odd car journey nap but not long

Also clocks are changing that's chewing me! Any help greatly appreciated I'm shattered and due to go bk to work soon

FATEdestiny Fri 28-Oct-16 13:34:34

I have used the 'bedtime reset' with success. It involves temporarily bringing back a night feed, but with a purpose to manipulate wake up time.

Much like a dreamfeed, I started waking baby for a bottle when I went to bed. So 10.30-11pm ish. And properly waking her up, including changing into a clean nappy.

It's a bit like doing a parred-down speeded-up bedtime. But this will only work if baby is generally easy to settle back to sleep.

So I would lift baby from cot, wake her, change her nappy (dimmed room). Generally keep things quiet and calm, but wake baby last being 'half asleep'. Then give bottle to start resettling back to sleep. Then dummy and back into cot.

The idea is threefold.

- it resets the night sleep, hopefully confusing the body clock out of an early wake up.
- the clean nappy removes any possibility that wet/uncomfy/full nappy is contributing to early wake up
- it removes any possibility that hunger or thirst are reasons for the early morning.

I would also add - try an extra layer of clothing and/or socks. Mornings can be cold. We have 2.5tog sleeping bag, sleepsuit and long sleeved vest.

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