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14 weeks - wakes every hour

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Carta60 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:55:18

Hi all we have a lovely DD who is ebf and has been doing well with sleep in her Moses basket...
for the past week however she goes to bed as normal after bath and cluster feed and wakes every 45 mins to and hour. She settles quicklyish after a feed but some early hours I take her into bed with me just to get some sleep. She wakes less often than probably every 2.5 hours. Any reassurance please that this is normal and if it will sort itself out confused

TheHubblesWindscreenWipers Thu 27-Oct-16 10:30:42

It's not unusual.
It's likely to sort itself - they undergo lots of changes to their sleep at this age.
(Eyes ds who never changed and still wakes hourly at over a year old...)

MummySetra Thu 27-Oct-16 13:45:36

My 13 week old has started doing exactly the same thing this week! He was going 4-7 hours prior to this!

Carta60 Thu 27-Oct-16 19:18:50

Hi mummysetra are you going anything to try and help sleep for longer or just goon with it?

Tumtitum Thu 27-Oct-16 19:52:42

Normal. We co-slept at that age to get more sleep. We graduated to a next to me crib (still co-sleeping part of the night) then to her own cot around 5 months (but have still co-slept through teething etc!)

FATEdestiny Thu 27-Oct-16 21:43:40

You could try a dummy. Sucking is a simple way to sooth to sleep.

MYA2016 Thu 27-Oct-16 22:23:03

This happened to my ds at 13/14 weeks and lasted till he was 6.5 months old. It was bloody awful.
Solids / moving to own room /moving to formula etc... nothing solved it, it was a gradual process. He then slept like a dream for 2 months then all went shit again around 9 months and now things appear to have improved again (nearly 10 months).
If there was something I could tell myself at the 4 months sleep regression it would be that it does pass (as do all these phases) and literally do whatever it takes to sleep.
I bedshared in the end and spent every night stressing that he would be in our bed forever - he wasn't. Even now maybe once a week he ends up in with us but then doesn't the next night.
Some people i know had it pass much quicker by the way. Hopefully it will for you too

kiki22 Thu 27-Oct-16 22:27:15

I feel that I made ds1s sleep worse by feeding him everytime he woke he learned to graze feed and feed for comfort ds2 only gets fed every 3 hours or more unless crying lots. I think as she sleeps longer with you it says she's feeding for comfort not hunger.

Ds1 never slept a night until he was 11 months then still got up at least once until 2 the lack of sleep the first 11 months left me drained and depressed I will not be making the same mistakes again.

MummySetra Thu 27-Oct-16 23:00:08

Kind of just going with it for now....... I did feed every wake up but am going to see if I can get him to settle without a few times. Tried a dummy too which works sometimes for an extra hour or so as often he just wants to suck.
Just when I thought we had cracked it!

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