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Growth spurt, phase or am i just doomed?

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LauLau93 Tue 25-Oct-16 19:59:17

I am really hoping i am not alone in this issue as i am literally on the verge of breaking down! A little advice or reassurance would be wonderful.
6 week old daughter has suddenly stopped settling after night feeds. The change seemed to have happened litetally overnight. She was doing great, woulld go down after her 8pm bottle without any fuss and then would wake 1 or 2 times in the night but would settle pretty much straight away. Now i am up for 3 hours pusibg her around in her pram like a mad woman to get her to doze off. She is swaddled and we use white noise both seem to make her drowzy but she will just fight sleep so much. I've read that they have a significant growth spurt round about now and i am hoping a couple of you wonderful mummy's have had the same issue around the same time and can tell me that it will soon pass.
I am seriously struggling to cope with how difficult she has been these past few days.

FATEdestiny Tue 25-Oct-16 20:44:34

Is she formula fed? Have you tried feeding more frequently? The simplest reason for not settling at this age is hunger, so just feeding more frequently - every 2 hours is fine. Even more frequently if it suits baby. And if bottle feeding make sure there's always more in the bottle than baby will drink (if a bottle is drained, it's asign bigger volumes per feed are needed).

On from that, babies take lots of comfort from sucking so have you tried a dummy?

Next thing to watch for is over tiredness. At this age baby might spend only 20 mins awake from one nap to the next. This is 24h a day. So it might be a case of wake, feed, wind, nappy check, see if any extra is wanted from the feed, quick 5 minute cuddle, back to sleep.

Over tiredness can be a really big problem so really try hard to limit awake time. Over tired babies are really hard to get to slerp. Mostly baby should be sleeping pretty much all the time at this age.

If baby likes movement, have you tried a bouncy chair (minus the play arch)?

LauLau93 Tue 25-Oct-16 20:56:28

I have increased her feeds she is taking loads at the minute, is there such thing as too much? And she takes a dummy but she isnt too fussed about it most of the time we only introduced it when her colic kicked in.
She definitely suffers with over tiredness but she just will not sleep. We get up have a wash, nappy change and a bottle, wind then she used to go down for about 4 hours now she wont. Then we have the same routine with lunch it nappy, bottle, wind and sleep and again she fights that so much by the time she goes off, her feed is due in less than an hour so she is up again.
She loves movement thays the only way we manage to settle her but she wont settle on her own in bouncer/swing/moses basket etc, we have to rock her and put her down otherwise she just lies there awake.

FATEdestiny Tue 25-Oct-16 21:20:46

is there such thing as too much?

No, not at this age. Always feed on demand. For formula fed babies have more in the bottle than you expect them to drink. Frequent feeds, say 2 hourly, are not unusual.

A 4 hour nap is excessive and unusual. Naps in the newborn phase might be an hour, maybe two. Get used to the fact that naps will get shorter and therefore need to be more frequent. By about 12 weeks you might be getting 20-40 minute naps, but lots of them throughout the day.

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