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13wk old daytime nap

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Unicorn22 Tue 25-Oct-16 16:46:59

hello, my 13wk old DC has about 3 naps throughout the day. But this seems to occur after breastfeeding where she falls asleep during it, but appears to be still sucking. I've tried to stop this habit but as soon as I remove the nipple she is practically doing a sit up to find it. If she doesn't get it she wakes up crying. On the off chance it does work, she will only sleep if i hold her in my arms or in her car seat if we are out and about. As much as I love holding her, I can't get anything done! Any tips on what I could be doing? I've tried a baby carrier but this hasn't worked for us. She is relatively easy to put down in her cot at night, its just daytime that is tricky! Any help appreciated, thanks!

Rumpole Tue 25-Oct-16 16:54:06

No advice really but we are in similar position. Seems to catnap on the breast then wide awake if I put him down anywhere sensible like his cot. At almost 16 weeks there are times when I can get him to nap without the boob so perhaps it will get easier as they get older?

FATEdestiny Wed 26-Oct-16 10:00:27

Try a dummy.

This allows her to learn to be soothed to sleep independantly of you.

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