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Awake time

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andonwego Sun 23-Oct-16 15:35:32

I keep reading that the longest period of wake time should be between the last nap and bed time.

That never happens for us (DD is 8 months). The longest is always between the first and second nap (she is on two naps only now).

She is also a rubbish sleeper!

Do people manage with the longest wake time just before bedtime? Does it really make their sleep better? clutching at straws

FATEdestiny Sun 23-Oct-16 20:54:45

If you have a rubbish sleeper then the time awake between last nap and bedtime is probably the least if your problems.

If hazard a guess at it being insignificant.

I'd further guess that maybe you need to add a third nap in, shortening all awake times, not lengthening them.

I would only move to two nap says once:

(A) naps are consistently 90 mins plus
(B) 2 naps is giving baby at least 3 (pref 4) hours if daytime sleep
(C) Baby's daytime is no longer than 13 hours (ie nighttine sleep lasts at keast 11h)

If any of these are not quite there, is have my child in 3 day days still.

andonwego Mon 24-Oct-16 04:25:41

She sleeps about 3 hours in total during the day, but can't be forced to take extra naps - I've tried everything. DS was exactly the same - neither of my children have ever slept for more than 11 hours in a 24 hour period, no matter what we do. And they don't seem at all tired. Some kids simply don't need as much as sleep as others.

I guess I was just wondering if she is likely to wake less in the night if she is awake longer before bedtime - but like you say, it's probably insignificant.

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