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2 year old multiple night wakenings

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LostAtTheFair Sat 22-Oct-16 21:28:22

Our 2 yo DS is currently very challenging at night. We recently removed the sides of his cotbed because he climbed out one night. Since then, he has been very unsettled going to bed (was previously happy to go to bed) and during the night (was never great tbh).

He cries and shouts at bedtime. We have tried the tactic of silently putting him back in bed multiple times but it doesn't work and he ends up only going to sleep when he's worn himself out crying. We find this really upsetting and stressful - nothing we do comforts him.

An even bigger problem is that he wakes multiple times during the night and stands at his door and cries and screams, waking his baby brother who has only recently started to sleep through! He doesn't try and come in to our bed and it's not clear what he wants - whether it's to get up/company/be read stories. We feel that he might be afraid of the dark and have a nightlight in his room and we let him sleep with his door open.

We have talked to him about this, firmly and gently. We have introduced more filling foods to his diet (not a great eater). We have a gro clock and explain to him over and over that he can't get up until it's yellow, but we don't think he understands the concept as he's only just 2.

Does anyone have any ideas?

FATEdestiny Sun 23-Oct-16 21:04:01

Children get a lot of security from the sides of their cot. That enclosed, safe feeling had been removed.

I would deal with the behaviour issue here - climing out of the cot. He can learn not to do this.

My suggestion would be he is not yet emotionally ready to be in a bed and needs his cot.

pooh2 Sun 23-Oct-16 21:11:10

Hey sorry you're going through this, it sounds really stressful! I agree with PP who said that maybe he misses his cot? If that's the only change that's happened recently I would bet it's that. Maybe you could put the sides back up, and then gradually lower them over a few weeks (depending on the type cot, I think can be put at different heights?). And in the mean time put some cushions or similar round the edge round the edge in case he climbs and falls again.
2 is a funny age because when they are only just turned 2 they are very much still babies but by the end of this year they are a lot more like little kids (iyswim) and you won't have to do so much second-guessing, at least that's what I have found. Good luck and let us know how you get on! Xx

LostAtTheFair Mon 24-Oct-16 15:04:35

Thanks both

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