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Seven Month old changing nap routine advice needed

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Wharm14 Thu 20-Oct-16 10:20:53

Hi, My seven and a half month old son has just suddenly changed his nap habits this week and I'm now thinking this morning is this normal? He has always been a good nighttime sleeper but woke up about 5.30-6.00am. This week, he suddenly started sleeping till 7.30/7.45, so I got him up and breastfed him as normal expecting him to want breakfast and play until his mid morning nap - but he wanted to go straight back to sleep! After a long sleep until 10.30, he woke up then I gave him breakfast and he had a little play then I fed him again and he went down for a nap about 11.30 for an hour and a half, completely missing his normal lunchtime!
I have gone with the flow but this is day three and he's still asleep upstairs.
Is it normal for them to have two morning naps or should I be taking control a bit more and keeping him up for breakfast and putting him down after that for a morning nap.
Any experience or thoughts welcome! Thanks x

Tumtitum Thu 20-Oct-16 21:44:47

There was a similar thread recently about a very sleepy baby and it turned out they were coming down with a bug. So might be worth keeping an eye on him for temperature etc

FATEdestiny Thu 20-Oct-16 21:52:45

If that was my child I would assume they are poorly and just go with it for a few weeks.

Wharm14 Thu 20-Oct-16 22:21:16

Thanks for the responses, he hasn't got a temperature and other than wanting to go back down quickly in the morning, isn;t sleepy the rest of the day, just going his normal 1.5/2 hour stretches, just mis-timed due to waking up later! Tomorrow I'm going to set my alarm for 7am and if he isn't awake before that, I'll get up and get ready and wake him up 7.30ish, feed him and try and give him breakfast before he goes down for a morning nap, to try and re-jig the timings again. I will keep an eye on him for illness though, I've had a cold but that was a week ago and he hasn't gone down with it yet so I'm hoping he hasn't caught it from me.

Leicfox1 Sat 22-Oct-16 04:44:00

Could be a growth spurt? Mine isn't at 7 months yet, but during previous growth spurts has just wanted to eat and sleep for most of the day, then gets back to normal the following day

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