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2 waking up screaming

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PontypandyPioneer Thu 20-Oct-16 07:31:21

Hi, I feel this is my umpteenth thread about sleep and I've googled so much!

My just turned 2 year old DS used to be a brilliant night time sleeper, went down at 7pm and slept until at least 7am.

For the last 6 weeks he's been waking up up to 3 times every night screaming the street down! Last night it was 2am, 4am and up for the day at 6.30 and he's already grumpy.

Add into the mix a 14 week old and my DH and I are exhausted!

It doesn't matter if he has a nap or not, how long a nap he has, it happens almost every night. It's really hard to get him to nap so some days he has to go without one.

I don't think it's night terrors as he's definitely wide awake when one of us goes in to see him. Sometimes he goes back to sleep after a quick cuddle and other times he takes up to an hour to go back and won't let us leave his room.

Temperature in his room is fine, he's got water he can reach, no daylight creeping in (it's dark outside anyway now), the only other thing I might try is a night light.

I hope it's just a really long phase and he'll snap out of it soon! sad

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