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So is it the long nap that causes the EW? I hope not . .

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FifiFerusha Tue 18-Oct-16 14:33:34

Wow, can't believe I am writing a post revealing my fears that my 15mo DS might be napping for TOO LONG( he used to be in the 35 minute club ha)

So DS wakes between 5 and 6(not good). He goes to bed at around 7.30( but has struggled to get to sleep until 8 recently). However he naps from 12 until 2.30 or longer. So is the nap too long that it is taking away his night time sleep. He averages 9 to 10 hours at night I guess which I know isn't enough. Just wondering if that long awake time before first nap might effect the EW but I am not sure how to fit lunch in. I am having to give it at 11.15ish at present.

Absolutely dreading clock change too as no matter what time he goes to bed he will still wake at the same time. Really need to take action on this ASAP

Any advice welcome or other 15mo routines. Argh,. .would be a shame to cap that lovely long nap ( free time ;)) x x

Artandco Tue 18-Oct-16 14:35:19

I don't think so. Mine used to take a three hour nap most days and then slept 11-12 hrs overnight at 1-3 years. They still napped 2hrs right up until starting school at 4 1/2

FATEdestiny Tue 18-Oct-16 16:57:56

My 25 month old sleeps 3h at lunchtime and 11-12h at night. She naps 12-3pm and I always have to wake her (for the school run). She could sleep for 4h if left.

At 15m she was having 4h over 2 daytime naps plus 11-12 at night. She moved to 1 nap at 20 months old at which point she'd sleep 4h usually.

DD is a good sleeper. But even with her siblings who were less fans of their sleep, I'd be expecting at least 10-11 at night and 3h in the daytime.

FATEdestiny Tue 18-Oct-16 16:58:48

They still napped 2hrs right up until starting school at 4 1/2

Mine did too.

Introvertedbuthappy Tue 18-Oct-16 18:28:45

My eldest used to do 10-11 hours at night at that age (several wake ups) and 1.5 hours during the day. Some babies need less sleep than others (just like adults). I would be tempted to ride it out and see if it was just a phase.

Nottalotta Tue 18-Oct-16 21:34:38

I do hope not OP, as DS has napped for 2hrs 20 minutes this lunchtime IN HIS COT!!!! Until recently he would average 2 naps of 30-40 minutes, so this is pretty amazing for us. He I'd also usually up between 5-6, asleep by 7 or 7.30 and several wake ups. Also 15 months.

Fate 4 hrs napping AND 11-12 at night!!!! shock

Lireal Tue 18-Oct-16 21:42:05

I would say he was too young. Try some sleep training in the morning. I found ignoring the initial wake up call worked for mine sometimes and he would go back to sleep. I assume he can't escape his cot?

Lireal Tue 18-Oct-16 21:45:32

Mine was the same nottalotta.
When I stopped bfing at 14mo he dropped down to 1nap just before lunch of 3hrs long. I got so much done! It was bliss. Didn't sleep through the night until 18mo though. Ds2 is a much better sleeper and if I didn't have ds1 I would be doing so much!

dinodiva Wed 19-Oct-16 07:35:36

How is he when he wakes up?
If my DD (13 months) is chatting away happily in her cot then she's ready to get up, but if she's crying or whinging or not moving much then I feel she needs more sleep. This morning for example she woke just before 5 so we just gave her some milk and a cuddle and she's still asleep now. Not ideal, but at least she's getting the sleep she needs. smile

Napping in the day is a bit hit and miss at the moment for her - she's started nursery so Mon-Fri she gets very little sleep there and at weekends can nap up to 4h (2 naps) catching up.

soundsystem Wed 19-Oct-16 07:39:02

My DD was an early riser at this time, and nothing we did (shorter nap, longer nap, no nap, earlier bedtime, later bedtime...) made any difference. It just seemed to be that she was ready to start the day at that time!

She's two in a couple of weeks and now wakes between 6.30 and 7am, and will chat/play happily in her room for half an hour after that.

I'm also dreading the clock change, though!

FifiFerusha Wed 19-Oct-16 09:57:24


Thanks for all your experiences. MyDD was an early riser until she dropped her daytime nap at 3 , so I really should he accepting this I guess.

I always leave him in the cot in the morning. This morning I heard him stir at 5 and he was fully shuffling but not babbling and did this for an hour. He was awake though. He is used to hanging around his cot until I come in at 6ish(if I can bear to leave him that long) . I always overdo the good morning thing and turn his light on so he knows it is ok to get up now. When we first had issues with EW I would rock him for an hour(literally) and he would go back to sleep but now he is older, and much heavier, I can't get away with that. At the start of the summer he slept until 7 every morning by himself though, I just want that back ha!!

Notta Lotta, glad to hear you LO is finally in the cot and having that long nap you have tried so hard is great. What time does yours nap? Mine naps 12 until 2.30.I just wonder if a long awake time in the morning is affecting the EWs...oh you know what though, no matter what I try it isn't necessarily going to make a difference. I will accept 5 ish but not 4ish...argh the clock change, what are you mummy's of the early risers going to do. I read somewhere that giving a one off really late night can shift a routine. Daren't try it, anyone done this? I bet that even if I put my DS to bed at 9, he would still wake at 5.

So I am not sure how to change anything? He also only sleeps for 30 mins nap twice a week at the cm bet 3 and 3.30 and this seems to have accentuated/ fixed the predictability of the EWs(but that's another story) . So no matter what I try to do I know there will be a set back.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, any ideas for the clock change?? X x

And yes FATE, you lucky lady. But pleased to hear that the long nap might not be the cause. Mmm, will proudly keep that long nap x x

Nottalotta Wed 19-Oct-16 15:03:07

Feckin clock change, when is it?! I'm tempted for the late night.

Fifi Ds is in a period of change with his naps. On Monday he had two with Mil, over two hours in total (pram) and went to sleep beautifully, didn't wake til 2 and was woken by dh alarm at 6!!!

Tuesday, was the long awaited cot nap. 2hrs 20! Would probably have been longer but I started moving around in the room to wake him. Bedtime very good again, but woke at 11 and was restless in the night, and properly up at 5. So today we were meeting a friend. He had half an hour at 10.30 and am trying to get him to gave a snooze in his cot now. Its a bit late really but if nothing else I get a sit down while he plays quietly.

Tbh, if he could manage a couple of hours in his cot every day I'd be happy with the 5-6 wake up.

sycamore54321 Thu 20-Oct-16 03:12:53

I haven't done it myself but some friends have had success with a wake-to-sleep technique. It's a risk - the idea is you stir the child a little one hour before their usual wake-up time. Just enough to rouse them a little and the theory is this then moved them back into a fresh sleep cycle phase and will therefore sleep longer. Apparently doing it 3-5 days in a row is enough. But you do obviously run the risk of waking your toddler for the day at 4am!

At that very young age, I definitely don't think the nap is overly lengthy. My boy was doing three solid hora when he moved to a single nap and he needed it. If he didn't get to nap as long as he wished, his night's sleep was horribly disrupted. I would be extremely wary about shortening his nap. You want to keep the daytime nap as long as possible.

You could also be a bit radical and look at moving his bedtime earlier? I've seen this as advice for all sorts of sleep issues, counter instinctive but worth a try?

Nottalotta Thu 20-Oct-16 07:22:39

I thought I'd really messed up yesterday. He did fall asleep around 3.30 and I thought I'd have a little lay down. So exhausted. He wad still asleep at 5pm!! I had to wake him. Did bedtime a little later, but he was still asleep by 7.30. Woke at 2.30 then a few stirs before being woken by the alarm at 6. Had a really good dinner too so that probably helped.

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