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2 year old DD sleep regression?! Co sleeps with Granny sometimes...

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NancyPiecrust Tue 18-Oct-16 14:26:37

My DD has been up in the night for over a month now, every night 2-4 times a night. Crying for me - either has kicked duvet off or just flailing around or calling Mummy Mummy. She settles easily most times if I just go in, give her a quick pat or cuddle in her cot .. Literally hardly any interaction, she drops off to sleep again just knowing I'm there and I rush back to my bed. I'm just so exhausted because I'm too on edge to fall asleep before 11pm because I keep thinking she'll wake me up as usually wakes up exactly as I'm drifting off to sleep... ! Then my sleep cycle is disturbed all night. Last night it was 1.30, 2.30, 4.30 and 5.50 then awake at 7am. 😭 I'm a single Mum and trying to study for a PgDip so I have a lot of reading to do etc and not to mention run the entire house etc.. I just can't handle this anymore I wish she would go back to sleeping through the night ! Her Dad has her one week night and one night at the weekend. Pretty consistent. So at least I get 2 nights of unbroken sleep. But I also have her most days of the week too. Sometimes my ex's Mum will have her overnight if her Dad's schedule changes or I need a night of babysitting when ex is away for example. Probably 1-2 times a months she will stay with her Granny and she co-sleeps with her there.. I daren't ask what her bedtime routine is there or how her Granny gets her to sleep as I know Granny will just get upset as she likes to do things her way and gets highly offended if I ask her to do something differently ie. How I do it. I really would prefer she doesn't co-sleep with her as I don't want DD to get used to having an adult there in be night in the room with her -- but it seems she may have already. Her Dad a lot of the time will sleep on a single bed in her room when she sleeps at his to make it easier for him when she wakes at night so he doesn't have to keep going back and forth from her room. But I have her the majority of the time & she lives with me & I absolutely cannot co sleep with her ! She climbs on my face, I wake up with her hand over my nose and mouth or her body on my face and can't breathe ! She kicks me and wakes me hundreds of times in the night, coughs right in my ear etc. Co sleeping to me means I will not get any evenings to myself to read for my course or do dishes or tidy or whatever have a friend round for dinner ! Poor quality sleep, near constant disturbances & no chance of me ever being able to have a future partner become a step Dad or part of our family without having to sleep on sofa ! I don't know what to do ! Help please ! She was doing so well and sleeping through in her bed... For months and now this !? How can I get her DGM to stop co sleeping with her ? Her Dad has already agreed he won't do that anymore and will be more consistent with me. So that's great. Just at my wits end. sad sad

NancyPiecrust Wed 19-Oct-16 18:25:46

Anyone ?

Beansprout30 Wed 19-Oct-16 18:36:56

It sounds exhausting you poor thing and I don't really have much advice but do you think the co sleeping with granny and having dad in the same room is making her worse? She's getting used to having someone with her. Could you discuss with all them and suggest they get her to sleep on her own?

Hope things improve for you

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