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Why will my 22 month old sleep on my bed but not hers?!

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freethebiscuit Mon 17-Oct-16 22:23:10

How do I break this habit? My little girl will settle fine (happily) on my bed whether me, my DH, both of us or neither of us are on it, but screams bloody murder if you put her down in her own cot or will wake as you set her down on it and scream again if you try a transfer when she is asleep. Help!!

Believeitornot Mon 17-Oct-16 22:24:39

What about switching to a single bed? Maybe the cot mattress isn't as comfortable. My dd used to say she didn't like her cot bed when she was 2. Not surprised as the mattress was a cheap thin one. We switched her to a decent single bed and mattress and she was much happier.

Mummamayhem Mon 17-Oct-16 22:28:14

Add layers to ensure she's warm and try putting down your used top/ cardie under her so it smells comforting and give her a pillow if she's not got one?

freethebiscuit Mon 17-Oct-16 22:28:25

Could be that... she has a choice of 2 cots at the moment- one with the sides on and one in my older daughters room with the side off (planning on moving her in there and out of her little nursery eventually as number 3 on the way)- both with different mattresses and neither doing it. Maybe replacing a cot with a single bed might help her feel more like bog sis (who she idolises) too....

blueturtle6 Mon 17-Oct-16 23:21:37

Try changing the type of sheets, we had this problem at 9 Months. Turns out she likes cotton sheets, not brushed cotton....

stillwantrachelshair Mon 17-Oct-16 23:29:27

DH and I spent many an hour discussing this. We could only conclude that it was because DS was an evil little sod who liked to exert power in the few areas where he could. He's now well past this stage but, if ill or upset, plonking him onto our bed will guarantee sleep a few minutes later.

freethebiscuit Tue 18-Oct-16 02:25:14

Stillwantrachelshair grin haha closer to my current thinking. Currently in with my other dd in her single after she had a meltdown she couldn't join us (1 dc at a time more than enough in there and at least there is some reasoning with dd1). DH away so again dd2 has a nice spread out king size to herself while the rest of us make do around her! confused

NickNacks Tue 18-Oct-16 04:00:07

Why would she sleep in her tiny cot if she can have a king sized bed all to herself? If she puts up enough fight and you give in of course she'll protest. You need to toughen up.

freethebiscuit Tue 18-Oct-16 07:05:03

Ah the toughening up. She gotten great at screaming to the point of being sick and I admit I do react too quick as always conscious don't want her to wake her sister. Reading threads about controlled crying on here and then guilty for ever attempting it ( sample comments- don't do it, just give them a cuddle etc... hmm) Its Defo a control thing with her, she can be screaming so much you think her throat will burst, then giggles as soon as picked up

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