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Sleep train 9mo or ride it out?

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ArcticMumkey Sat 15-Oct-16 21:52:09

My 9 month old has slept 7-7 for 6 months but the last 2 weeks has woken every night and takes hours to resettle. Last night she was awake 2.30-5am. Me and DH are splitting the 'night shift' but are on our knees with tiredness. She only wants to be held and Co sleeping isn't an option for us.

Everything I read says 9 month sleep regression/teething/separation anxiety etc etc so I don't know whether we need to step in or if it'll stop and go back to normal as quickly as it changed?

Last night in desperation we tried a mix of shush/pat and CC but she became hysterical.


MYA2016 Sat 15-Oct-16 22:20:06

Hiya, I have a 9mo ds who has been sleeping through for 2 months but he also has just started waking again the last few nights. We were getting him out the cot and then finding 2 hours later he was still wide awake, blowing rasperberries and eventually coming in our bed.
I read an article that said don't take them out the cot. Keep lying them back down, put your hands on their back and say "sleep time". We did this 2 nights ago for the first time and I must have been up and down 10 times in 3 hours and then he finally slept. Last night we did the same again and I did it 3 times in a 1 hour period and the he slept all night. Tonight I have been in once so far.
Every time I go in gets quicker. Tonight I lay him down and I said "sleep time" and he just stopped crying and went straight back to sleep .
I didn't see I'd ever really sleep train... but if this is a form of it it's working well so far.

I guess this is all subject to change and I'll probably be up for 4 hours later grin

FATEdestiny Sun 16-Oct-16 22:11:50

I read says 9 month sleep regression/teething/separation

If disageee in your situation op. Baby has been sleeping through for a long time, so outside of the newborn stage she has never learnt the art of going back to sleep when waking in the night.

So what are you doing to teach her how to go back to sleep on her own?

As ok said, the first key thing would be learning to go to sleep in the cot. Next is learning that to sleep she needs to be (a) lying down and (b) still. So lying her back down every time she sits up and stilling any shuffling about with a form hand on her chest/back would help.

On from that you need to establish some form of self-soothing dd can do independantly to get back to sleep once she is lying still in her cot. I would use the dummy, so re-insert dummy constantly until sound asleep.

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