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16 month old gone from sleeping through to being up every hour!

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Fairy45 Sat 15-Oct-16 19:50:52

What the hell is this about?? Shes been a good sleeper from 9 months. The first 9 months were hell and at 9 months i had to suck it up and do controlled crying which worked a treat. But now she is horrendous. I think its been about 2 weeks of this! But tonight she went down at 7pm and shes been up since 7.20 screaming! It gets worse if i go in to soothe her. She has a dummy she has had for ages and Im in no rush to remove it at night because uo to now it has really helped. I put her to bed on calpol because she has had her hands in her mouth all day pretty sure her top double are coming through. I moved into a new house 6 months ago and my new neighbours are absolute arseholes about hearing her cry in the night so I dont dare leave her to cry which results in her getting middle of the night cuddles which i know is just making matters worse!! Help???

shrimpysmummy Sun 16-Oct-16 07:25:23

Hello, miserable isn't it! My dd is 15 months old and we have had about a week of this recently. Her brand new shiny teeth have just popped through and now she has reverted back to her usual sleeping pattern. I wonder if perhaps you just need to ride it out for a few days and it will then get better again. But it's horrible isn't it! Hope last night was better for you! brewflowers

GoodStuffAnnie Sun 16-Oct-16 07:32:45

Have you looked in her mouth? My ds did this recently and he had loads of blisters on his tongue. I think hand foot and mouth. I've got 3 children and hf&m can be really tough. Just accept it how it is in short term and make adjustments. Go to bed early, cancel days out etc, sleep on mattress on floor, have a nap, take to doctor.

Fairy45 Sun 16-Oct-16 11:44:13

Thank you! I hope she reverts back soon, I worry that it will last so long it will become normal! Yes i think she is cutting some teeth so hopefully its just that. Thanks for the advice and its good to know its not just us!

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