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charlottestuart7 Fri 14-Oct-16 13:16:56

Trying to get my 16 nearly 17month old son to sleep at night is a nightmare!

He slept great from around 1month old to 7months old. Since then he wakes 5 times a night!!!

The HV advised weetabix before bed - tried it, it worked for a few weeks.

He goes through 2x 260ml bottles of milk during the night. I have tried changing that to water or watering down the milk but he notices.

I've tried feeding more, tiring him out more, not letting him nap during the day, Bath and massage before bed, letting him cry when he wakes but he will get so worked up that he is sick .

Ive spoken to other mums who put their children to bed at 7pm and they don't wake til 7am the next morning!!

There must be something I can do. Any help appreciated!!

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