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7 months and now not sleeping-any ideas?

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user1469300540 Fri 14-Oct-16 01:21:52

DD has decided to wake every two hours now! She only ever used to wake once in the night.

Basically I can put her down quite happily, following the same routine every night. She'll wake once maybe twice and will only go back to sleep if I pick her up but will then go into her cot and stay down for a couple of hours. She'll then wake for night feed and that's where the problem starts! She'll take feed fine but then will not go back down! She'll fall asleep on me but as soon as I move towards cots she's awake! I've tried putting her down regardless, hand on tummy, sitting on floor next to cot but she just screams and screams and screams! Only stops when I pick her up but then as soon as I put her down she's off again!

We moved house a couple of weeks ago and I know she struggled having a new room and she did sleep in my bed for about a week (always staying in her cot until about 3am). I just think I've created this problem by doing that. Almost like she knows she can sleep with mummy now. As soon as she's in my bed shes straight to sleep!

I really want to get her back to her old routine. She was such a good sleeper and I know it's best for her in the long term to sleep in her cot. Any ideas on how to get her back to sleep?

Iv just been up there for an hour picking her up to calm her and then putting her down again until she screams. Do I just need to keep going with this for a few days? She is finally down now but I could cry seeing her so upset!

Should mention DH sleeps through all this (always has done since she was born!) so I am doing this solo!!! Totally exhausted so just need some ideas and support! If I wake DH he will help but then is exhausted the next day and goes back to bed for a 2hr nap which frustrates me as I'm obviously just as tired!

Help! 😢

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