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Sleepyhead vs swaddling

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chloechloe Thu 13-Oct-16 14:21:09

I'm currently 29w with DD2. With DD1 we swaddled her from birth whenever she slept at home which worked really well until she started rolling at 3 months and we had to stop.

Since then I've heard lots about the Sleepyhead. I'm guessing there's not much point on buying one though if your baby is happy to be swaddled? Or is it worth getting one anyway?

Looking back it might have come in handy when DD1 started rolling. It just seems like quite an expensive outlay if you can only use it for a few months and swaddling costs next to nothing! Or am I missing something?

PetrovaFossil1 Thu 13-Oct-16 14:24:42

Same as you, we just swaddled. Much easier if you need them to sleep somewhere else too!

We did get given a sleepyhead but only used it in early days for co-sleeping purposes as I was worried about squashing DS. I don't think it made a difference over and above the swaddle personally and it's just another thing to wean them off at some point.

Artandco Thu 13-Oct-16 14:26:07

Many swaddle in the sleepyhead. The sleepyhead lasts 7-9months so can use with blankets also. Plus main advantage is sleepyhead is used instead of Moses basket. Can use on sofa or floor in the living room in the day for naps, and at night can use for safe co sleeping or inside main cot

Eminado Fri 14-Oct-16 03:27:00

Have to say i swaddled dd1 but dd2 10 weeks hates here arms being restricted and i LOVE my sleepyhead.

As said above, brilliant for co sleeping and moving about the house. I know its expensive but i love it.

And no weaning her off issues - if i am upstairs I just put her in her cot, no problems. I probably valurle it more than DD does grin

Eminado Fri 14-Oct-16 03:27:37

*her, sorry

Eminado Fri 14-Oct-16 03:28:16

*value, sorry blush

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