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Give me some sleep please

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witharmswideopen Wed 12-Oct-16 23:54:21

My 7.5 month old had been a good sleeper up until she was 3.5 months - good as in 4 hour stretch. Since then she's impossible to settle in the evenings and up multiple times at night. We cosleep most nights but even then she still wakes. Last nap is over by 5PM and bed at 7:30PM. She falls asleep fine but wakes EVERY SINGLE asleep cycle (34 minutes on the nose)

I've tried fiddling around with her routine earlier/later, longer naps (me bouncing her in a bouncer to ensure this) shorter naps. Eating before bed/not eating before bed. Busy day/quiet day. Settle her in her cot/on our bed.

I'm just shattered and haven't had more than an hour of just being in the house watching TV/folding washing/eating dinner with my DH since she's been born.

I'm worn out from her constant waking up.

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