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Baby won't sleep for anyone else

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goodeyebrows Mon 10-Oct-16 21:36:54

My DD who is nearly 11 months old will only go to sleep with me lying next to her. We have co-slept from birth and are still BF. She would not take a bottle (when I last tried in May) and has a dummy. She will feed, unlatch, roll over and sleep with little problem but wakes up at least a few times each evening and needs me to lie next to her again to get her back to sleep. Sometimes she will have a small feed again but not always. If my DH goes up to her and she realises it's him not me, I have to go up and re settle her. If I go out for the evening she is usually either playing downstairs when I get home or asleep on the sofa having fallen asleep watching tv. If my DH try's to lie her down in bed she will just scream. I'm returning to work next month and will be doing one night shift a week so will not be here to put her to bed. Please help, I have no idea how what to do.

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