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Brilliant at settling To sleep but up all night!

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AlwaysOldBeforeMyTime Mon 10-Oct-16 03:21:34

Dd is 8mo and is absolutely brilliant at settling to sleep at bedtime and for naps, but is up every night at 9,11,2,4&6 and will not settle after these.

She BF to bed at 7 then wakes at 9 to be given lost dummy and rolled over (settles quickly) then a FF at 11.

From 2 on she wakes wanting a BF which I try to refuse, but when put down goes quiet for 5 mins then screams when I'm dropping off to sleep. Normally takes at least 45 mins to settle.

Back at work soon and can't take much more but don't know how to fix her sleep - most of the sleep techniques focus on self settling but this isn't a problem during the day - she'll hppily go straight off after one cuddle when wide awake. I don't get it!

Please help!

FATEdestiny Mon 10-Oct-16 19:34:44

Id move the cot back into my room, next to my bed, and settle by hanging my arm over the side of the cot and constantly reinstating dummy (all done whilst bearly opening eyes or moving from my comfy position in bed)

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