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Baby wakes 3yr old

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Jo198 Sun 09-Oct-16 05:16:23

Hi everyone. Just wondered if anyone has any tips for juggling sleep with a just turned 1 year old and a 3 yr old. Both have never been great sleepers but my youngest is now waking very early and is waking up the 3 yr old at about 5am, who refuses to go back to sleep. Occasionally the eldest will have a daytime nap but not very often and she is so grumpy during the day that I feel at my wits end. I'm in a vicious circle of early rising making us all tired and not having the energy to cope with two demanding grumpy children during the day. Earlier to bed doesn't work for us. They are both in bed by 7 anyway and I know I'm lucky that they are sleeping through until 4/5am but it obviously isn't enough sleep for the 3 yr old as her moods are getting out of control. Any advice or tips much appreciated. I feel very alone in this as I can't find any similar posts either blush

isthistoonosy Sun 09-Oct-16 05:27:14

We've kind of similar we have just kept telling the three yr old he can stay in bed and told him its a special treat because he is older he can stay up there on his own. Also if he comes down and is obv tired we ask if he wants to go back for a lay down. Its taken a while but he is starting to choose to have a lay in some weekend mornings.

Jinglebellsandv0dka Sun 09-Oct-16 05:34:36

Hello op,

Could you try and get them to nap early on in the day like around mid morning? I've always worked from a less sleep = worser sleep.

Mol1628 Sun 09-Oct-16 05:42:59

I don't have any advice but you're not alone. 5/5:30 starts here with 1yo and 3yo. Tried later bedtimes. He just gets up earlier. So he goes to bed at 6:30 now.

His moods are dreadful too. There is no solution.

FixItUpChappie Sun 09-Oct-16 06:16:32

If you treat 4/5am like a night feed -no lights on, rocking, no noise do they go back to sleep after a feed? for 3 yr old anything before 530/600 am I'd have them in bed with you or redirect back. One of us used to go sleep with our eldest in their room with door closed if baby woke them up - we kept a folding cot on hand for just this purpose. IT took to much faffing about to argue p, we'd just let them toss about in their bed, roll over and go back to sleep.

If your eldest is not napping, I would establish a firm and consistent quiet time for 1 hr/ day. I wouldn't allow any tv on in the day until baby was asleep - then I'd cozy my eldest up on the couch to watch 2 Thomas shows - gave me a break too.

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