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Jabs, 4m sleep regression, teething

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Amazonmulu Fri 07-Oct-16 08:47:11

I don't know which it is... Possible even a developmental leap... But our 4mo who had been sleeping 8pm-ish to 4am-ish, feeding and sleeping to 6/7am-ish now wakes screaming ever 1-2h. Screaming as if she was in dire pain. We looked and there is nothing medically wrong. It's 50:50 if she will calm down or if she just cries for 30-60min no matter how much we cuddle/rock/stroke/walk her.

She uses a dummy and in the past she would spit it out in her sleep around 8/9pm and would then occasionally stir in the night, my OH would put the dummy back in (in his sleep), she would get back to deep sleep, and we would get to 3/4am and her feed (which she wouldn't cry for - she just starts to chat (and eventually cry if we don't feed her)).

There seems to be no reason or pattern or anything to go on - and with diminishing sleep it's starting to feel so bad.

Apart from 3 days ago when she had the 3rd jabs and was quiet listless and fussy (for 48h) she is a happy, smiley, chatty, wriggly baby. Always moving and talking. Since about 10w she doesn't cry much at all and we just got used to it.

How do we make it through this? Does it get back to what it was? As some say the 4m sleep regression is permanent confused I really can't cope with it if this is her new sleep pattern from now on. I'm on the brink of pnd as it is and without more sleep I might just tip sad Some sites say we need to let her settle her self but I don't know how as I refuse to let her cry it out in any way or under whatever name people put on it.

Please let me know your thoughts and advice, and give me hope xxx

Bessie111 Sat 08-Oct-16 21:30:11

Been through exact same, lasted 2 weeks. Now not perfect but most nights back to old routine. Chin up, this too will pass smilecakebrew

nothoughts Tue 11-Oct-16 07:53:05

I'm watching this with interest as have been having this problem with my 4.5 month old. Was sleeping similar hours to you. I have over last couple of weeks stretched it to only waking every 3 or so hours with less screaming by working on self settling.
For me (I'm no expert but seems to work with mine) self settling is not about leaving to crying but teaching the skills to get to sleep by themselves which they can then apply if they wake in the night.

Apologies if you are already doing something like this but what worked for mine was starting with the sleep they find it easiest to go off for. When you have the time to do it (no toddlers clamouring for attention). I feed them in grobag so already warm and comfortable. Then put them down but stay with them and soothe and re insert dummy if necessary. For mine stroking their face and holding hands works. I talk to them if start to get upset. If they go off to sleep great! If it they start crying I pick them up and try the next day. I then gradually expand it all naps and nightime sleep. Once they start to get more reliable at that I then put them down (fed and warm) and move away. Eg last night put down on cot in my bedroom and sat on bed reading a book. If the start to fret I then go over and do same soothing. Depending how I feel I either soothe to sleep or move away and try again. If at any point they start to cry I pick them up, cuddle and rock to sleep. This has so far worked for both mine. I don't know how it fits with what books etc say and I'm by no means an expert.
My other thought is how is her sleep during the day? Neither of mine sleep well at night if haven't slept well during the day.
Good luck! It's not much fun be kind to yourself.

nothoughts Tue 11-Oct-16 07:53:45

Sorry that was a bit of an essay

Amazonmulu Tue 11-Oct-16 11:33:33

Nothoughts that's really helpful! My oh is keen to try something like this!

Amazonmulu Tue 11-Oct-16 11:34:16

Bessie thank you! It's so good to hear it ends!

nothoughts Tue 11-Oct-16 22:08:38

Amazon, I hope it helps. I agree with Bessie it will get better.
I had another thought this afternoon. Have you considered whether the drop in temperature has had any impact? DS1 went through a bad sleep phase and took me a couple of weeks to realise that he was getting cold during the night which was waking him.
I hope tonight is better and look after yourself.

nothoughts Tue 18-Oct-16 09:45:19

How is it going amazon?

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