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7 month old wide awake for hour half at 330

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Onthedowns Thu 06-Oct-16 05:07:44

My son 7 months - 5.5 corrected still has 1 night feed still between 330-430. He's reflux and cmpi but they are in the main under control, the issue is after his feed he is wide awake for over a hour talking messing about then gets tired and can't get to sleep. It took months to get him into any sleep due to severe reflux but now going to pot! Could it be linked to day time naps? He has short nap in morning about 930-10 then lunchtime his longer one can be 1-2 hours after that it's hit miss and he's very overtired by 5/6 pm as no nap! I have 4. Year old to get school and by time I manage to get back to sleep it's nearly time to get up!

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