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11 week old sleep suddenly changed for the worse

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Carta60 Thu 06-Oct-16 03:53:59

Hi mummies

My DD is breast fed and I am lucky that I seem to have lots of milk as she is gaining good weight. From weeks 8-11 with the exception of the first set of jabs sleep has been much better, e.g. 9pm - 1.30am then say 2am -6am and this was consistent each night. However since she hit 11 weeks she wakes in the night every 2 hours for food. She goes straight back to sleep after but I was hoping this is typical of the next growth spurt? Does any one else have similar experience? DD is feeding more in the day at the moment too and seems a bit more fussy than normal x

OhWhatAPalaver Thu 06-Oct-16 08:05:36

Hi, we are having the same problem with our 15 week old dd. It started around 12 ish weeks though and hasn't really improved much since! No advice really but it is normal, they go through so many physical and mental changes around 3 or 4 months that their sleep cycles go all ovr the show!

Carta60 Sun 30-Oct-16 21:28:20

Hi owhatapalaver have things improved for you? Not for us yet .. now very fussy in the day and resisting daytime naps too x

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