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Changing sensitivity on sensor pads to more than 20 seconds?

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Kerals26 Wed 05-Oct-16 16:44:55

Hi Guys - does anyone know if there are any baby movement monitor sensor pads where you can set it so that it goes off after say 22 or 25 seconds rather than 20 seconds? Our daughter seems to be a very deep sleeper and we are getting lot of false alarms at the 20 second mark. We'd like to see whether increasing the timespan a bit makes a difference to the false alarms or whether it is the alarm going of that is causing her to start breathing again.

fluffikins Wed 05-Oct-16 19:17:36

20 seconds is already too long to do anything much when you find them according to the lullaby trust, at least it's pointless for SIDS. If you're getting false alarms check the pad is on a solid bit of wood under the mattress, not slats, as that sets it off. Also check all the wires are connected properly.

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