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Argh!! Sleep deprived with 3 year old

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Frozentinkerbelle1 Wed 05-Oct-16 00:05:18


Am at end of my tether with over 3 years and barely a night where ds has slept through.

Know I was prob to blame when he was younger cos used to give him milk in night. Found it easier when working and we have daughter who is just over 2 years older.

He's awake now and has been for over an hour.

Sometimes we have brought him into bed cos he can whinge and cry for over 2 hours if we leave him. We both have to work and his sister has to go to school.

The other night he was up between 2 and half 4 and then woke at half 6.

The time he wakes can vary.

Tonight trying to just go to his room and say good night it's bedtime - go to sleep.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Frozentinkerbelle1 Wed 05-Oct-16 17:10:25

anybody got any tips?

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