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DD not settling!

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MamaMoose1 Mon 03-Oct-16 20:37:33

Hi, my daughter who is 15 months, is not sleeping well, this has been going on for months and to be honest, I'm getting fed up of thinking it will get better, she will sleep through one day, but it's just not happening. I think it may have something to do with cows milk, we give her this every evening, we allow half an hour for her to toddle around, then settle her down to bed, book, cuddle, lights out, she is very fussy and wriggly for a while after we put her down, after 20 minutes she seems to fall asleep, then 5 minutes after that, she just cries, we leave her for a minute max and try and settle her down again, she will then sleep a few hours and wake again, sometimes up to 5 times, some times she manages to settle herself but other times we need to pick her up to calm her down again, some nights she will wake for 1-2 hours without settling during that period. We are both exhausted and i dread night times, as I know it's always the same battles. I've spoken to the health visitor who suggests to let her cry it out, but I know she's capable of self settling and that she seems to be in some discomfort and I don't want to leave her to cry it out. Is there anything else we could give our daughter to replace the milk, like switching back to formula, maybe it's more gentle on her stomach, I am willing to try different things, so we can have one night of undisturbed sleep.
Sorry rambling on, but I'm just really struggling with it all at the moment and absolutely shattered.
Thanks for reading!

FATEdestiny Tue 04-Oct-16 21:01:17

You can change to toddler milk, which is formula. Formula milks are cows milk based though. I suspect that if she had an allergy to milk, you would have known this last year.

Personally is start leaving her alone to settle at this age.

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