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CC and naps

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basketofironing Sat 01-Oct-16 03:07:43

Those who've done controlled crying, do you only apply it at bedtime/through the night or did you do it at naptimes as well?

I'm desperate to sleep train my 6 month old. After 4/5 weeks of waking almost every hour and taking half an hour to settle back to sleep, I'm exhausted and at my wits end.

I know CC is a bit of a controversial subject and I used to say I didn't feel comfortable doing it but oh my god I've never been this tired.

Liskee Sat 01-Oct-16 07:16:38

We did nighttime sleeping first, then used it for naps the next week. Much harder at night than with naps, but literally only for 3 days or so. We've returned to using CC for the odd night here of there since but the work was done that first time really. It is a controversial sleep training method, but it was our choice to use it at a time that was right for our baby and it definitely helped us.

duskonthelawn Sat 01-Oct-16 07:28:16

Dont know if this is what you're after but I do a mixture of CC and gradual retreat.
I put DD in the cot, turn my back on her (if I face her she starts laughing at me!) and gradually move out of the room, a step every minute or so. Once I get to the door and it's obvious she's fine, if she does start crying I give her a maximum of 5 minutes, depending on how much she's crying, before I go back in and do it again if I need to.
We've had to do this three times in her life (14mo). Once when she moved to her cot, once when we went on holiday and it unsettled her, and after she started nursery. Each time she needed it for about 3 days, and we did it for all sleep times if she needed it. Sometimes she was fine in the day but not at night, or vice versa. Just did it when we needed it.

Summerdays2014 Sat 01-Oct-16 11:45:37

I've been doing controlled crying with my nearly 9 month old for the past 10 days now. Nights are going really well, however naps have been a disaster. Don't understand why it works for one and not the other! To be honest I've given up on naps, but am resolved to trying again this week as my husband is off work and can help me!

I'd totally recommend CC for nights though. It's made such a difference for us.

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