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21WO, wakes lots (FF), surgery soon. Too early to sleep train?

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boysboysboys123 Fri 30-Sep-16 20:44:06

My DS is 21 weeks. He's FF. has 5-6oz per feed. He slept thru from 8-10 weeks but apart from that he's never slept more than 2.5-4 hours.

In the night he'll wake 4-5 times & only settle with a bottle. If he could he'd feed loads at night then go 6-9 hours between feeds in the day. I do everything I can (i.e. Restrict night feeds) to get him back to taking milk in the day. But even if he feeds lots in day he'll still wake the same in night. I'm trying hungry milk-no discernible difference.
Any suggestions? Too early to sleep train?
(Before people say to suck it up & this is what babies do:
-He's due to have an operation in skull soon. Bad habits will be worse after.
-he's huge. About 9kg at 21 wks. Worried about overfeeding.
-he seems to be knackered. After 30 mins of waking after his night sleep he sleeps for 2 hours & sleeps 16 hours a day on average-just very broken.
- I also have a crazy 19MO. Sleeping in day isn't an option.
-my OH works away during the wk.
-I hate myself when I'm irritable with my kids
-I have a nightmare neighbour can't explain how much this ruins my life)
TIA xx

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