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14 month old sleep...

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Tinks15 Wed 28-Sep-16 22:50:59

Do i just lay her down in her cot and say 'night night - sleepy time' then walk out of her room? I really need to crack this, i feel i shouldnt be sitting with her anymore for her to get to sleep, i'm aware there will probably be a few tears etc but if i dont do it now surely it will get worse with age? Right?

Shes always been a poor sleeper right from birth and will always wake in the night & wont settle back in her cot again (rarely she will but will wake again within 20mins) so i end up bringing her in with us. This...i want to stop but i dont know how - dont get me wrong i do love cuddling up to her but i would looooove to actually have my side of the bed back & have a decent nights sleep. 14 months of not ONE full night sleep is taking its toll now.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice i would love to hear them. Thanks.

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