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8MO sleep refuser. Please help

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JE678 Wed 28-Sep-16 20:30:15

Please can anyone help me crack my 8mo sleep issues. He wakes at least 3 times a night and sometimes every hour. He often is awake for 1.5 - 2.5 hours on one of the wakings and becomes inconsolable whether we pick him up or try to settle him in his cot. He can't self settle and the second he lies down in his cot his eyes shoot open. He is bottle fed and doesn't feed during the night. This is our routine in case it helps:
7am wake and bottle
9am breakfast- usually fruit and some cereal (oats or baby breakfast)
9.30am nap (usually 1 hour)
11am bottle
1pm lunch- usually veggies and some protein, sometimes also fruit
1.30pm nap (usually 1.5 hours)
4pm dinner- veggies, protein and aome carbs
6.30 bottle and bedtime routine
7pm bed

He is on prescription milk to has to have 3 bottles of 7ozs a day (I can't vary that). He is also CMPA and reflux but both under control.

I have tried PUPD but gave up after 4 hours when my back wouldn't cope anymore.
I did try CC and it was horrible- he didn't sleep for 2 whole nights so I gave up on that too.
I've read the No Cry Sleep Solution and tried those recommendations but to no avail.

Any ideas for how I can get him to self settle and sleep through?

He has a dummy but has no interest in a comforter or something smelling of me. He is crawling and standing and repeatedly does both in his cot when he wakes up. His bedtime routine is bath, clean nappy, jammies, story, bottle, lullaby.

FATEdestiny Wed 28-Sep-16 22:20:44

Can he put his own dummy in yet? My DC learnt to do this around about 8 months old and it's a game changer.

I used a ribbon sewed into the chest of our sleeping bag with press studs at the end forctge dummy. It meant baby just needed to sweep hand under chin to find the ribbon, which leads to the dummy, which can be reinserted without your help.

FATEdestiny Wed 28-Sep-16 22:32:24

Id also suggest shortening awake time in the day and adding in a third nap. While your 234 nap schedule is normally fine that would be for babies sleeping at night. The best amount of sleep dc us missing in the night needs to be caught up with, to avoid over tiredness.

If suggest something like

7.00 wake then milk and breakfast
9-10 nap then lunch
12-1.30 nap then milk and snack
3.30-4.30 nap then dinner
7.00 milk (and supper?) then bed

JE678 Thu 29-Sep-16 10:10:04

He never wakes up without the dummy so I'm not sure if he's managing to keep it in or is putting it back in himself. If he starts losing it I'll definitely use your idea. I'll add the afternoon nap back in and give that a try. We dropped it as we was waking at 5am for the day in addition to the middle of the night waking but you're right he probably isn't getting enough sleep.

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