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Where can my baby sleep?

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LifeBeginsNow Tue 27-Sep-16 20:26:49

Hi all, just looking for a practical solution if possible?

My 3 month old baby currently sleeps in a Moses basket. We have a cot (just need to buy a mattress) in his room but I understand he's not supposed to sleep on his own in there until he's 6 months.

The trouble is, he's outgrown his Moses basket and I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put him. I am willing to put him into the cot at night as we sleep in the next room and there is barely any extra distance between where he is in the basket to his cot but what do people do in the day? I spend most of my time in the living room or kitchen. He's got a bouncer and a play gym but I don't think it's good to nap there too often.

Could anyone let me know what they do please? Just in case it's not obvious, this is my first baby wink

daisiesinherfootsteps Tue 27-Sep-16 20:33:34

If he's happy/comfy I wouldn't worry too much about bouncer/play gym sleeps, it's fine. However for a short term solution until you are happier leaving him upstairs in cot for nap, how about a travel cot downstairs? Or just get a good monitor for upstairs?

Flisspaps Tue 27-Sep-16 20:33:36

Buggy in lie back position, travel cot or in the floor on a blanket in the day.

We wedged the cot in with us until both DD and DS were about 8 months old. DS co-slept with us though as he hated being in it.

Thamcat Tue 27-Sep-16 20:34:20

All babies are different I've got friends who have put babies in their own room at 3 and 4 months old. I have a DS who's 6 months old and he's in a chicco next to me with still plenty of room, in our bedroom. He will be in it another month before he goes in his own room as we are moving house at the weekend and need to finish the nursery. There are lots of other cribs out there or you could put LO in the cot in your room. I would buy breathable bumpers though so your DC doesn't get limbs trapped in bars grin

Thamcat Tue 27-Sep-16 20:36:48

Oops think I missed the point about daytime. Half asleep sorry!!

SpecialStains Tue 27-Sep-16 20:39:52

We have a cot next to our bed (didn't bother with a Moses basket) and baby either sleeps in the carry cot part of the pram in the daytime or the baby bouncer, or on a mat (or mostly on a person!). He sleeps in the sling too!

LifeBeginsNow Tue 27-Sep-16 21:16:44

Thank you all. I can get the pram bit out (been using the car seat when out and about) and won't worry too much about him sleeping in the bouncer or in the play gym.

I'll have to make space for a travel cot so will see how I get on. He's just gone from self settling really well to being a bit difficult and over tired. Hopefully he'll adjust to life outside of the Moses basket!

LifeBeginsNow Mon 17-Oct-16 06:49:00

Just an update to say my baby has settled very well in the cot. As he's much more aware of his surroundings now, he loves looking around the decorated nursery and seems fine about the extra room in bed.

I've been taking him up for his naps too and haven't used the pram as yet. Fingers crossed he continues to be happy about bed!

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