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15 months old and back to square one :(

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clurina32 Mon 26-Sep-16 19:48:05

Hi all, I was on here a LOT when my daughter was around 7 months old. She was a terrible sleeper and had us up all night. After lengthy chats with our HV and other lovely mums on here we decided to do some sleep training which worked a treat....up until now!

For some reason she is waking 2-3 times per night again and waking for the day anytime between 5 and 6am. The only thing that seems to settle her is a small drink of milk, otherwise all hell breaks loose! I originally put it down to teething as we have had bouts of this every time she has cut a tooth which is fine and I could tell she was having pain from this. It seems different this time, she seems restless rather than in discomfort and keeps moaning (which leads to crying) until we come into her.

I should also add that her napping has always been hit and miss and it differs from day to day - I think she's close to dropping the morning one. I keep wondering if she's over tired (sometimes she only has 30 minute nap all day!) but she just doesn't seem interested in napping.

Am I missing something here? Are there some crazy 'wonder weeks' going on or a massive growth spurt? Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Its really starting to get me down, i'm so bad on no sleep and i've gone back to work now. Woe is me etc etc yawn yawn.... :/

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