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Bloody bloody 1 yo and her horrendous sleep

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BusyCee Fri 23-Sep-16 00:30:54

She's never been a good sleeper. He now routinely goes down at 7ish; often wakes at 830, then 1030, then 1230, sometimes also 3, then 6iah and that's it for the day. She won't nap in her cot at all during the day. Even at the childminder (who gets all children to np in cots during the day)

Right now she's going through aphase of waking for up to two hours each night. She's been awake now since 1130.

I'm at the end of tether with her. We're both knackered. We're supposed to be having our first night alone in about 2.5yrsthis weekend and I'm so anxious about leaving her with our friends because she's so shit at night.

Apart from playing with her in her cot so it becomes a more friendly place, and not be'ing her each time she wakes what the fucking fuck do I do to get her to sleep? (Her older brothers were much better sleepers than this).

DianaMitford Fri 23-Sep-16 00:40:19

I definitely wouldn't play with her in her cot - she needs to understand that when she's in there, it's sleep time.

I feel your pain though; when dd1 was 18m, DP and I went to Paris for the weekend. We arrived Friday lunchtime, had a lovely afternoon and evening, went to bed and slept until 5pm the next day !! We left less than 12 hours later

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