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The dreaded 4 months & screaming to sleep

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JustMeAndHim Tue 20-Sep-16 13:44:01


My DS is 4 months. He's breastfed. He had been sleeping really well. We have had him in a bedtime routine since 12 weeks but he has to be bounced to sleep. However once asleep he would feed at around 10 and then once more in the night.

In the last 5 or so weeks this has gone to the wall. He is difficult to get down and now wakes often most nights. He seems to have started feeding himself to sleep, I couldn't quite say when this had started but I was careful to try and avoid this from the beginning.

Naps in the day are also extremely difficult. I can no longer get him off and have to use his sling/pram/car. In all of these he cries and gets himself into a massive state before going off. He's literally hysterical.

I'm at my wits end due to lack of sleep and the fact that I seem to spend every waking moment trying to get him to sleep. At the moment I feel this is never going to end.

Please can anyone make any suggestions?


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