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7 month old stopped sleeping

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tissuesosoft Mon 19-Sep-16 06:25:15

Hi all

I have been incredibly grateful that since about 3 months my DD slept through the night from 8/8.30 to 6am, however the past few weeks she has started waking up crying in her sleep. When she does I don't talk to her or pick her up as she's usually still half asleep so I pop her dummy in and wait until she settles (which she usually does in seconds), this now happens 4-6 times a night. She doesn't wake up hungry, just seems to cry/shriek then back to sleep. She's 7 months old, loves her food and milk etc.

Is this sleep regression? Thank you for your help!

LaundryQueenHatesIroning Mon 19-Sep-16 07:00:16

Could she be overtired? How are her day time naps? My DS is 9 mo and fires this only when he's over tired.

FATEdestiny Mon 19-Sep-16 18:36:52

Dummy reinsertions are majorly annoying at this age. But mine was about 8 months when she had the dexterity to do her own dummy and everything gets easier then.

tissuesosoft Mon 19-Sep-16 19:16:55

LaundryQueen- I think she might be, she is incredibly poor at napping during the day. She has her morning nap without fail for an hour to two hours but then can go without one all day until bedtime. Maybe I need to be stricter with nap times during the day and kind of force her to go down for one.

Fate- this could be an issue too, when she's awake she likes to chew on her dummy and happily puts it in and out of her mouth, but doesn't suck on it or use it as a dummy until she's ready to sleep but nighttime she must be too half asleep to be able to find it and do it. Reminds of the days when I struggled with the key and front door lock after a night out!

Thank you for the advice ladies, I really appreciate it! Going to try enforcing more day time naps and maybe during the day when she's playing on her back I'll place her dummy next to her to encourage her to grab it

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