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Waking up tired at the same time every morning

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wispywoo1 Sun 18-Sep-16 07:43:54

My DD has always had a habit of being able to wake up at the exact same time days on the run. Whether she goes to bed early, late, etc. Lately she has been waking at 4.45 for a few mornings on the run. She wakes up crying but will not go back off in her cot. She is 10 months and is asleep from 6.30/7pm ish. No matter when she goes asleep she wakes at the same time. We have been taking her downstairs and she's and each morning she's had another 2 hrs in the pram. She obviously needs 12hrs rather than 10 which she is currently trying getting. I doubt she is hungry because she goes asleep in the pram without a bottle and isn't too interested in her bottle when she does get it. She naps for 2-3hrs per day.

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