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Long morning nap, short afternoon nap

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podmax Mon 12-Sep-16 19:35:27

So after finally extending naps to longer than 45mins at 9 months my 10m old DD has now started having an epic morning nap of 1hr45 in the morning and a crappy 45min nap in the afternoon. I'd REALLY love to swap this round but is there any way to do this? I tried rousing her after 45 mins this morning (I felt sooo mean) but she still had a short afternoon nap.
Should I just leave things as they are? She doesn't sleep well at night either if that makes a difference, up for a feed/cuddle 2-3 times. Hence why I'd love a long afternoon nap so I could sleep too. blush

The time she gets up is variable but we were roughly following the 2-3-4 routine but her short afternoon nap can't currently see her through the 4 hours until bedtime currently.

CathFromCooberPedy Mon 12-Sep-16 19:40:55

Dd2 has done the same thing at 9 months. And now at almost 12 months is dropping the afternoon nap some says shock

The plus though is sheasy sleeps through the night so can't complain smile

podmax Tue 13-Sep-16 13:29:02

Ah I envy you! I would've be so bothered if she slept through..but when I'm tired I really crave that afternoon stare- into-space brew

FATEdestiny Wed 14-Sep-16 09:32:39

If she's having a broken nights sleep I would suggest that she needs 3 naps a day with shorter awake times and isnt quite ready for the 234 two nap routine.

You don't mention your timings, but say you are currently doing:
7.00 wake
9.00-10.45 nap
1.45-2.30 nap
6.30 bed

I would change to something along the lines of:

7am wake
9.00-10.45 nap
12.45-1.30 nap
3.30-4.15 nap
7pm bed

Aiming for:

7 ish wake
9-11 nap
1-2 nap
4-4.30 powernap
7.30 ish bed


7 wake
9-11 nap
2-4 nap
8 bed

The aim is 2 hour awake time initially. As the second nap gets longer you can start limiting the teatime nap to a short powernap and eventually drop it completely.

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