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tired grumpy 22 mo

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flipflopson5thavenue Sun 11-Sep-16 10:02:27

My 22mo won't sleep past 5/530am - I don't mind the early starts so much (my 4yo did this for yrs and only now sleeps til about 6am) as the fact that I just don't think he's getting enough sleep. Often, especially on nursery nights when everything runs slightly later, he won't fall asleep til well past 8pm sometimes closer to 830pm. he just mucks about and WON'T GO TO SLEEP. Then he's up again at 5am. Some nights he's only getting 8/9hrs sleep.

And as soon as he's awake he's either furiously angry and crying, or immediately wants to go downstairs/play but shortly afterwards crashes and is clingy and tired and miserable. DP and I both work full time so the mornings are already rushed and chaotic, and this just adds to everyone's grumpy mood....

DD1 was similar but it's so much more exhausting this time round as, well, there's two of them now!!

How much sleep does you 22 mo get and any tips on how I can get him to get more sleep??

It must me said, that once he's over the morning hump he's fine. He's clearly not suffering from what I perceive as this lack of sleep, but I feel bad for him. He has a day time nap, anywhere between 1hr to 1.5hrs.

Also, he does tend to sleep through now at least (THANK GOD!!)

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