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How do you Deal with unpredictable early wake ups?

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SnowWhite26 Sun 11-Sep-16 06:09:54

I have msged on here before about how to help my 11 mo daughter not wake really early. I have tried all your ideas and sometimes its ok sometimes not. She goes to bed 630-7 and has a full tummy and a size up nappy for extra liquid. She has 1.30-2 hrs of naps a day roughly.On a good day 6-630 is a wake up time which is great. On a bad day 5 is the time. Thats happened 3 times this week. We leave her as she used to chat herself bk to sleep.Now now no such luck! What I hate is that she forces herself to wake up and doesnt cry like she needs a drink or change. Now I sleep really lightly as I am anticipating. I then get annoyed and my poor husband takes the brunt of me getting cross. I know we are lucky she sleeps through but does anyone else get cross at not knowing what to do for the best? Its so much worse especially now its dark in the morning and I have been blaming the light! Thanks x

jobrum Sun 11-Sep-16 06:21:11

My dd did this at around 10m. Annoyingly she often did her best to go back to sleep so I'd then have to wake her up for nusery. We were both tired. I think the dark might work in your favour. Keep things as you would at night time, sit quietly in her room, let her know its time for sleep.

I am up at this time but dd (20m) has a bit of a cold. But I once thought her early waking would never end!

SnowWhite26 Sun 11-Sep-16 06:27:38

Thanks. I just hate the unpredictablity of whether she will be up early. Then when i do go in shes wide awake no getting her for sleepy. I get so cross haha hence why my husband takes the brunt. Grr. Thanks for the reply xx

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