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10 month sleep regression + nursery woes

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teancakepls Fri 09-Sep-16 10:38:18

DB has always been a bit of a rubbish sleeper, but this past week has been insane! He's been up 4+ times each night, and I've had to bf him back to sleep. Previously each feed took about 15 minutes and then I could pop him in his cot asleep, but for the last two nights he's woken up and protested each time he's been put in his cot, so I have to start the feeding to sleep all over again.

He's 10 months, and has just started at nursery so I'm assuming that it's sleep regression + separation anxiety which is making him even more bonkers than usual. But I'm exhausted and start back at work next week. Just wanted to hear from others that have been through similar - need to be told that it's going to get better!

We were in a nice phase of him going from 8-4am, waking for a feed and then going through til 7. I miss those days...

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