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bedtime issues for 7yo following nc with father

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jayho Thu 08-Sep-16 00:17:10

So, usually a happy boy at bedtime. We listen to a story tape,snuggle and he goes off. I co-slept with both my children and have no issue with still staying with him until he drops off. His older brother grew out of it and settles himself now (12yo). please, no judgy stuff about leaving him on his own, this works for us.

He recently decided he does not want contact with his father, ditto 12 yo. I understand this is a big thing and understand it will bring disruption and just want help with dealing with the fall out.

For him it manifests at bed time. he becomes aggressive and disruptive, tears up the room, shouts, becomes physically aggressive etc. This lasts for about 40 mins. He tells me to go away but no 'I hate you' etc, I try to be tolerant but maintain boundaries, ie it is bed time, he can't break stuff. I can tell it's related and seek to reassure.

Eventually he will calm and snuggle in close and go to sleep quite quickly.

Is there anything else I can do to help him or ideally head it off at the pass so it doesn't happen?

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