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Baby suddenly awake for hours in night

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user1471421772 Wed 07-Sep-16 03:05:44

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me please. I have a nearly 5 month old (21 weeks) who has tonight suddenly woken up at 1:45 as if it were morning (chatty, laughing etc). He is still awake now...
He doesn't want milk (tried boob and bottle but has taken a little bit then thrown it up), have changed nappy etc but he just keeps kicking excitedly and shrieking - please tell me this isn't the 4 month regression kicking in!
He usually sleeps 10 hours overnight, 2.5 hours total during the day (I know I am so lucky - my 7 year old didn't sleep through until aged 3 years and spent the first year waking every 45 mins for an hour around the clock!)
So my question is - what would you do? (I am trying to settle in dark, no talking etc) and if this happened to you did the phase last long (please no!)

EmzDisco Wed 07-Sep-16 04:13:00

My DD (who will be 1 next week) has throughout the year had the odd couple of nights when she does this. Often around when she is learning something - rolling/crawling/walking etc. Normally only lasts a night or two.

I usually do what you do and try and settle in the dark, or bring her into bed with me for cuddles which seems to calm her down. Though not always, sometimes just have to ride it out.

I always feel it's just her getting excited about life!

EmzDisco Wed 07-Sep-16 04:13:35

Hope he, and you, are back to sleep now smile

Teapot13 Wed 07-Sep-16 04:20:30

My DD used to do this when she had ear infections. She was cheery but always wanted to be upright -- obviously it was the pressure. If I gave her a painkiller she would settle when it took effect. Maybe something to keep in mind if it happens consecutive nights. Could be teeth too, of course.

puglife Wed 07-Sep-16 04:32:45

I have a 5 month old who also does this! She will be awake for a couple of hours so I just have her on the bed with me and let her kick about & chatter. I've tried settling her but she just grins at me!
This week she's stopped doing that though and now is back to being a newborn instead and waking every hour or so for a feed. Sleep deprivation is back! I'm hoping it's a growth spurt but who knows...

Summersalmostgone Wed 07-Sep-16 14:21:56

My baby used to do this! It lasted for about 2 months. I read it was something to do with their sleep pressure ( tiredness) not being in sync with their circadian rhythms. It resolved itself eventually thank god!

user1471421772 Wed 07-Sep-16 15:09:32

Thanks everyone, hopefully it's a one off or perhaps teeth - he went back to sleep at half 3 and got up for the day at half 5 (usual time is 5, was hoping he'd sleep later!) and was very upset and warm. Gave him Calpol and bonjela and he went for an hour nap at 7 (usually naps are only 30-40 mins). Seems in good spirits now though. Hope your wee one's sleep improves puglife - sleep deprivation with our eldest is what led to a 7 year gap between our children - you have all my sympathy!

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