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Ideas/advise/make me feel better

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Sun1983 Tue 06-Sep-16 11:06:28

Hi so just got back from a weekend away so 7 month old sleep a bit all over atm anyway he really needs to catch up on sleep.
I'm not ready to have him in own room yet. But brought his cot in and put it next to me. First night last night and he hates it. He was in a side sleeping crib before always been restless during night putting legs up in the air slamming them back down, dummy out Waking him up, so the last 2 month Iv brought him in with us from about 2am. But even the last few weeks he seems uncomfortable with my arm around him, he also doesn't like lying flat, in his own space, or head on a thin fleecy blanket that's soft. It's like he can't get comfortable. So thought the cot would give him more room etc. But it's no better. I can't see it getting better in the cot either, I know what he's like . I'm currently sitting holding him for a nap. I'm now shattered from all the broken sleep. Should I just get on with it n keep bringing him in to bed n carry on putting up with the fussing about him being comfy and at least us getting a bit sleep. Or pupd method and stop the co sleeping. I do like him being in with me and us being close though, just that's not even straightforward now ha. He's a soft little thing. Needs my hair to play with and his blanky. Which even his blanky his getting hurled about during the night now.

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