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Sleep training 17 mo

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WittgensteinsBunny Sun 04-Sep-16 08:39:36

Has anyone done sleep training this late?

Dd2 is teething and her sleep is just horrible. I've been up since 5. She's on and off hysterical screaming, climbing up me, demanding milk and just being, well, an over tired teething toddler.

We were in a good routine, bath, teeth, story, song, milk, she would go to sleep after a big bf, I'd pop her in her cot and she'd sleep 7.40/ 8 - 1 and then with us in our bed until 5.30/6 and then drift back to sleep and get up at 7ish.

However recently things have started to change. She's starting to say "all done" at the end of the feed before bed. Then tries to climb off of me and starts trying to play / get books / point to downstairs and ask for her dad or sister.

If I put her in her cot and say "night night, baby". She screams and screams and screams. She won't calm down until I pick her up. I've tried patting, shushing, leaving her to it for 5 - 10 minutes, stroking and singing songs. By the time she's finished all of this, it's past dd1s bedtime so dh takes dd2 out in the car and I put dd1 to bed. Most nights they are asleep by 8.30/9.

She's waking a lot between 12 & 5 and wanting to get up at 5.30. She will only bf back to sleep. The screaming is blood curdling if I refuse and the she's wide awake and wants to get up.

With dd1 I stopped bf in the bedroom (no feeding to sleep, no milk through the night), I would sit with her for up to an hour while she went to sleep. This got better and eventually we got to where we are now: stories and cuddle for 5 mins max and she's asleep. Dd2 is much more stubborn and screamy. I think because she's getting much more milk as I was 4 mo pg with DD2 with a lot less milk when we night weaned.

Dd2 refuses a cup / bottle of milk and is sensitive to dairy, which exacerbates bet constipation.

Once these teeth are through, I think we need to sleep train. This goes against all my instincts but I just think it's necessary for everyone's sanity. Any tips?

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