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3rd sleep regression and he's only 5 months!

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albazavi Sat 03-Sep-16 22:21:05

Has any one else been through similar. Since 8 weeks ds has never been a good sleeper at day or night. He seemed to go through a sleep regression at 11/12 weeks. I thought it was the 4 months sleep regression come early. Sorted out routine, white noise, blackout blind everything and thought I'd cracked it. Was sleeping up to 10 hours!

Then heatwave hit at 16 weeks. Struggled to sleep and took him out of routine, straight into 4 month regression. Up every 45 minutes.

Worked so hard doing a version of controlled crying to get him to settle in his cot after 3 or 4 weeks was working up to 8 hours a night! Would self settle really easily.

Now at 21 weeks, he's had a cold and we're back to up every 20/45 minutes. I haven't slept all week. No cold anymore but has broken the pattern of sleep and won't self settle and has to be held to sleep for 20 minutes to wake up 40 minutes later.

I know I will have to start CC again tomorrow. But sick of putting in weeks of hard work on my own (dh works long hours so nighttime is all mone) for a few nights good rest and then something breaks it.

He fights sleep at very opportunity. Have tried to nap in the cot but won't go down by himself at all in the day will after a feed but wakes up after 5 minutes and won't go back down.

Naps in car or pram only last 15- 20 mins. Naps on me last 30- 45 minutes. I sometimes can get an hour if I stick a boob in his mouth the moment he begins to stir.

I'm going crazy with lack of sleep and feel like I've tried everything for only short term results. Any long term solutions?

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