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How do you know when 4 month sleep regression is/should be over?

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golfmonkey Sat 03-Sep-16 07:21:56

I have read that there's nothing you can really do to help during the 4mo sleep regression other than get through it, then after you could try gentle sleep training techniques. I've had a shit sleeper since about 2 weeks old but do feel it's got slightly worse over the last 6 weeks.

I have the wonder weeks I wait till the 4th leap ends to try to improve things?

Currently dd2 goes to sleep well at 6 30-7ish but is up 10-11pm for a big feed, then goes no more than 2-3 hourly. Recently.she has also been unsettled without needing a feed (e.g. 40 mins after last fees) so have been cuddling her which sometimes gets up to an extra 2 hours!

I'm not totally against Co sleeping in general but I would at some point like to share a room with my husband again and sleep without a baby squishing my arm/face and in a position I feel comfy in.

I use a dummy to resettle which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't work.

Any tips for me? Dd2 naps well in the slING in the day and gets up about 5.30am but tbf my toddler does too so we are all up and dressed by 6.30 and that's ok with me. I am however quite exhausted and sometimes get snappy with the toddler. Thanks

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